Beauty Treatments

Your hands

Graceful, silky hands and beautiful nails speak volumes about your personal grooming. We notice each other’s hands almost unconsciously because they are used extensively in communication.

Treat your hard working hands to a…...


Nails are shaped with a crystal file. A cuticle softener is applied and the finger tips are immersed in a warm hand soak. The cuticles are gently pushed back. Moisturising lotion is massaged in to the skin. A base coat and two coats of polish are applied before the colour is sealed with a top coat and a rapid dry oil to finish.


Treat yourself to a polish that won't chip or peel for up to 3 weeks whilst protecting your natural nails. The Gelish is applied like a polish but is cured in a LED lamp that guarantees NO smudges or dents as it will be completely dry!! We have an amazing range of colours to choose from.

Ask for Gelish today!

Your feet

Your feet are an amazing framework of bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons designed to support the weight of your body and enable mobility.

Feet are often neglected, hidden away under layers of socks and squashed into shoes all year round. Treat your feet to a reviving.

The feet are soaked in a warm bath to take full advantage of the softening effects of the foot soak. The feet are exfoliated with a foot rasp and then a scrub. A cuticle softener is applied and the cuticles are gently pushed back. Toenails are shaped and moisturising lotion is massaged into the skin. A basecoat and two coats of polish are applied before the colour is sealed with a top coat and a rapid dry oil to finish.

Eyelash tint

A natural and safe dye is used to tint the eyelashes to give a thicker and longer look to the lashes. Great for naturally fairer lashes,swimmers,contact lense wearersor those with little time to apply make-up Colours available-brown/black/blueblack.

Eyebrow tint

A natural and safe dye is used to tint the eyebrows to give a more defined shape. Especially good to compliment coloured hair and add definition to the face.

Please note - A patch test is required 24hrs prior to treatment.

Eyebrow wax

Brows are waxed and tweezered to give the perfect shape to compliment the eye and face shape.

Lip/chin wax

Any unwanted hair is removed from lip or chin areas to give a smooth and hair free result

Party Lashes

This is a treatment that gives you full and volumous lashes in just 20 minutes using cluster lashes. You can choose between a natural look or a fuller more glamourous look. They last 3-5 days and are great for weddings, parties or a weekend away. A great alternative for you if you dont want the maintenance or price tag of individual lash extensions.

Spray tan

Nouvatan is a natural solution made from plant extracts and 100% organic ingredients. It is avaiable in various shades to suit your natural skin coloring and your therapist will help you find the perfect shade for you. You will achieve a fantastic golden tan without subjecting your skin to harmful UV rays. As your skin sheds the tan will fade naturally after 5-7 days.


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